About Me

From quite an early age I found I had a passion for arts and crafts. I remember as a child the two things I loved the most were my giant suitcase full of Lego and my pens and paper stash!!! I don’t know how my parents coped for so many years as I would spend most days tipping all my Lego out to build things then when I got bored of that, I would pull out my pens and paper and start drawing lots of, lets say interesting, pictures. It was clear from such an early age I was always going to enter into the construction industry.

This passion of always wanting to create transposed in high school to my love of Craft and Design and Art and Design. It was of little surprise these became my best subjects. However I found I had strengths in other technical subjects such as maths, physics and computing. Knowing this I searched for a career choice that would allow me to exploit my strengths but also provide me with the ability to engage in a creative way with my work. Architecture was the answer!

So I undertook my studies at the Edinburgh College of Art. I could quite easily say this was the most informative and enjoyable period of my life to date. The wealth of knowledge I gained during my studies and the wealth of social diversity I was exposed to have really been an inspiration to my understanding of my environment. After 6 years of study I have left the ECA with a Bachelor in Architecture and Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture and Urbanism. Having left I have had mixed fortunes with employment and have found myself still searching for an opportunity to gain what practical experience I need to progress my career.

I now find myself working freelance, mainly with a software development firm in Linlithgow, where I undertake 3D modelling work. I am based within commutable distance to Aberdeen, with my girlfriend, Soph and our awesome goldfish Hank and Ginger.


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